Sunday, July 26, 2015

Last Stop on Vacation - Show-Me State Games

The last stop on my first stayacation day was at a Major League Baseball game; just kidding, it was at the Missouri State Show-Me Games in Columbia, but I liked it better than a major league game, because my grandson Jaron and his cousin Tucker were playing. Both of them did a great job. Tucker (who kind of thinks I am his grandma because I am his cousin's grandma) did an awesome job catching and Jaron made a fantastic double play, catching a fly ball and then throwing it to first base to catch the runner off of first out.  Also, I spent the afternoon with my daughter Valerie, so it was a win-win situation, minus the heat factor. Good times!
On the way to the game - cousins and buddies (photo by Valerie Peavler).

It was a hot, hair up under the baseball cap kind of day.
It was an awesome day. The boys played great, even though they lost by one run in an extra inning, using International Tie Breaker Rules that none of us had ever heard of. The important thing was spending time with positive people who encouraged their players to be their best and having fun. A good end to my staycation day!

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