Friday, May 30, 2014

The First Day of Summer Vacation

“What are your plans today?” Blaine asked on my first day of summer vacation.
“I don’t have plans,” I replied.
“You want to go fishing?” he asked.
“Sure!” I said.
“That’s how we will start if off!” he said. After breakfast, he loaded up the red Jeep with the needed gear and off we went to Long Branch Lake. The lake was beautiful. 

I wondered about the wisdom of the two of us rock climbing, but we survived.

“Careful on the rocks,” he warned. “They are kind of dangerous.”  We made it down to the edge. He had packed cushions for us to make sitting on the rocks more comfortable. We began with stink bait. Its name needs no further explanation.  Then he switched to shrimp, which the catfish preferred. Can you blame them?  
Blaine doing what he enjoys!
Blaine caught several catfish, until he ran out of shrimp.  Although I had a few bites, I failed to land a fish. My husband's expert advice was that I had too much slack in my line.  For me, it was not about catching the fish, anyway. It was about spending time with my husband.

I am not that experienced with "selfies" so I did not get the whole fish. 


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Grandma Judy Day!

My daughter said the first words out of 5-year-old granddaughter Megan's mouth today were, "Today is Grandma Judy Day!" Since mommy was coaching sister Madison's basketball team, and brother Jaron was acting as assistant coach, Megan was coming to my house for the day all by herself. Here are some of the fun activities we did. We let Grandpa Blaine in on the fun, too.  It was a good day!

We picked dandelions. She picked a large one, and I said, "That is a pretty one!" Megan said, "They are all pretty!"
Megan helped Grandpa Blaine pick out the plants from his greenhouse for the garden.
Our son's old golf cart turned into a garden cart
She did a great job adding the right amount of water without getting it on Grandpa's hand. He had to tell her what "Whoa!" meant.
Where was Grandma Judy during all of this? Taking pictures, of course. Megan also helped make supper. We wound down by watching the movie Frozen. She has all the songs memorized and sang along, to our delight.  After a few days of rest, we might be ready for another Grandma Judy Day!