Monday, April 14, 2014


Several people whom I met online recently expressed an interest in my husband Blaine's greenhouse, so I thought my blog might be the easiest way to share the story. Every year my husband saves seeds from two heirloom tomato varieties that we can not find in seed catalogs: Red Wolf and German Giant.

Here is the greenhouse. It is just a lean-to built of clear siding on our garage.  He recycled a door that was in the shed. You can see our garden spot in the right background.

 He starts the seeds all together in a couple of covered plastic containers in the house. When the seedlings came up, just about and inch or so tall, he takes them to the greenhouse to be transplanted.

Using a butter knife, Blaine scoops up the individual plants and plants them in their own little compartments in the plant containers, which he recycles from year to year.
Fans blowing on the plants make their stems sturdy, an  exhaust fan automatically comes on if the temperature is too high in the greenhouse, and a space heater keeps the temperature from getting too low.
There are mini blinds on the south side that he can also close if he needs to. These little baby plants will grow into large plants that will produce big, juicy red tomatoes.

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