Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day

The Weather Channel says we had 11 inches of snow. It is still snowing.

   What is it that is so fun about a snow day? I was thinking about it today, as I sit in my cozy house and watch it snow…and snow…and snow. Since I have extra time, I pondered the appeal. I think it is the unexpected gift of a day off with no commitments or to-do lists. I decided to share what I am doing today with you. What are you doing?
I am grateful the satellite works after Blaine swept it off - HGTV's Disaster DIY marathon. Notice the laptop by my recliner, too. I am keeping up with my housebound Facebook friends.

I love a wood stove on a cold, windy day.

I don't think I will wade through the snow to the hot tub.