Monday, October 8, 2012

Cape Cod Trip - Day Three

The people at the restaurant were very gracious to let us hang around.

This is our rescue bus.
Broke down in Syracuse! We had a big day of traveling planned. Unfortunately, our bus did not cooperate and started sputtering near  Syracuse, NY.  It limped along to a Denney’s in Syracuse. Our bus driver felt terrible about it, but it was not his fault. We had a leisurely lunch, before another bus came to pick us up. The bus drivers and men transferred our suitcases to the rescue bus, and we set off on our adventure again. The Adirondack Mountains were a pretty green.  We ate dinner that evening at the Ninety Nine Restaurant in Worcester, MA with our new found friends, Joan and Joanne. We arrived at our Hotel, the Mariner Motorlodge at 11 p.m., later than planned, but still in good spirits. We were finally in Cape Cod!!!