Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cape Cod Trip - Day One

“And we’re off…like a herd of turtles!” I exclaimed to my sister, Janie, at 9:35 a.m. on June 16th, as we pulled out of the Macon Comfort Inn parking lot in our touring coach with about 50 other people. We had spent months planning our trip to Cape Cod. There were numerous phone calls and visits planning our wardrobes for the nine days. We could not believe the moment had finally arrived. We put on our wristbands to prevent motion sickness, and waved goodbye to our husbands out the window and sat back for the ride.
Our first stop was in Hannibal at Fiddlesticks. It was barely 11 a.m., so we were not too hungry. We decided to have baked potato soup, which was very tasty. At 12:05 we were in another state – Illinois. We drove all day with a rest stop every 2-3 hours. After checking into our hotel, the Sleep Inn in Lansing, IL, just south of Chicago, we piled back in the bus to eat supper at Chili’s. Surrounded by good food and good company, we began to become better acquainted with some of our fellow travelers.