Saturday, November 14, 2009

Memories of a Friend

To my lifelong friend, Kathy Marlene,
This is your birthday poem from Judy Coleen,
A lifetime of memories and love we share,
We have always been quite the pair!
We never whined, “We’re bored; we have nothing to do.”
We loved playing dress up, wearing your mother’s red shoes.
And remember getting lost in the woods, playing pioneers?
The times we shared all of our secret hopes and fears,
Comprehending feelings and thoughts with just a glance
Remember the “sock-hops” and the Sadie Hawkins dance?
And the summer we sang at the Atlanta Homecoming talent show,
I sang high and you sang low.
Sometimes we laughed, often we cried,
My true feelings from you I never had to hide.
As “mature women” by others we may be seen,
But when I am with you, I feel about sixteen.
Even though we may only see each other once a year,
I find comfort in knowing that for me, you will always be there.
You are tucked away in my heart and mind,
Our lives are destined to be forever intertwined.
Love you always,
Judy Coleen