Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Bike

This Christmas Vanita and Blaine Lee's families surprised me with a new bike. I have been wanting a plain bike to ride on country roads. My wish list included: no hand breaks, because I am old school and ended up pedaling backwards and running into things or flipping over on my head; no multiple gears because anyone who knows me knows I do not like anything mathematical, and I do not know whether to shift up or down to climb a hill; and most importantly, no skinny little seat that does not begin accommodate my ample derriere. Somehow, they found a Hornet royal blue La Jolla Women's Cruiser that fit my wish list perfectly! They got it into my utility room without me knowing about it. When I saw it, of course, I squealed with delight. I jumped on it and rode it through my kitchen. Later that night, I realized it is my first new bike. As the baby of four children, I always rode my sister and brother's bikes. Janie had a nice green one, and Clayton's was red. I never thought about it until Christmas night, when I experienced the thrill of receiving the gift of a shiny new bicycle. Now I am seriously considering tricking it out with a wicker basket for the front and maybe a horn for fun!